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Setting up Spacemacs – My new favorite text editor

Emacs or vim? Nano or pico? What about notepad++, sublime, atom, VScode, ed?

I have certainly made the rounds with text editors over the years and I never felt like any one was perfect. I used Notepad++ for a long time on windows. I liked the utility it had, but I always wanted a more full-featured IDE that worked with the different languages I would program in. I tried Sublime and its close cousin Atom for a while, but it too lacked some features that I wanted. When developing in linux, I became very familiar with the infamous Vim editor, which I loved. In fact, I kinda went package and extension crazy with linting and smart auto-completion. My vim setup almost did everything I wanted, but it fell short in doing the few things that required a GUI, like editing a LaTex document. I didn’t think the perfect editor existed, that is before I found Spacemacs.

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